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Secrid Card Slide Black - Classic Bags
Secrid Card Slide Black - Classic Bags

Secrid Card Slide Black


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The card slide is produced from high-quality polycarbonate, as used in the production of bulletproof glass. The card slide is a useful addition to the card protector, suitable for business cards and banknotes, for example. It has slimline finishing touches from stainless steel.

• 6 flat cards or 4 embossed cards
• Business cards
• Cash, key, coins
• 2 extra cards
• Solid aluminium
• Plastic, elastic string

Additional Information
Measures: 6.8cm x 10.3cm x 1.9 cm
Weight: 98 grams

What is RFID Skimming?
RFID skimming is a form of digital theft, which enables information from RFID based smart cards such as a credit cards to be read and duplicated. Typically, it works by unlawful reading of RFID chips at a distance using an RFID reader device, which then downloads the card information to the criminal. Secrid’s aluminium card protector protects your cards from any unwanted RFID and NFC communication intrusion.