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Meet the brand

Hidesign were founded in 1978 and began life as a two-man workshop, over the past 40 years the company has grown from its artisan roots into the globally recognised brand it is today, trading in over 20 countries around the world. Throughout its evolution Hidesign has stayed true to is its heritage, all its products are individually handcrafted and fashioned using the finest leathers, no mass production, no assembly line. Hidesign has stayed true to its strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovative design. Only the highest-quality leathers and hand polished solid brass fittings are used on each of its lovingly produced pieces. Hidesign focus on producing classic, contemporary products aimed at the savvy, sophisticated urban professional. Hidesign has always been a popular design and a mainstay of the Classic Bags collection, its briefcases, laptop bagsholdalls and backpacks always popular and always in demand!

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